Welcome to the island of Rab

Island Rab

Island of Rab-Four bell towers,medievil town, landscape,unique natural beauties, clean sea, the real pearl of the Adriatic

There are many things that make the island of Rab big and significant. Gifted by beautiful nature (hundred years old trees,palm trees,agavas,wineyards,oliveyards and dark green forests),the name Arba was given to him. Arba means dark-green. because of its development,and progress the Romans gave him a gift,a small amphora with a sign Felix Arba wanting to apoint its glory. Rab was proclaimed as a "happy island".

On the way to this special island,in the ferry marina Jablanac the first local people from Rab meet us on the "Rapska plovidba" ferries. the adventure beggins in ferry marina Mišnjak on the island. Over the naked landscape of mediteranian rocks you arrive to the south part of the island and then you meet Felix Arba.

Spectacular view leads to the old medievil city of Rab built on the Roman ground and mediteranian green landscape,forests and fertile valley. The sun shines 2500 hours a year on this sunny Adriatic island.

The sun and the light are the life of this island,and for centuries St.Christopher protects it with his powers that are kept in reliquium in the cathedral of Rab. In his honour local holidays caled "Rapska fjera" were proclaimed since 1364. They bring the life of Rab in medievil time.

Every year there are concerts of classical music "Rab music evenings".knight games, traditional meeting with people of San Marino witch was founded by Saint Marin from Lopar. People from Rab are very proud of that. There are also concerts of well-known entertainers and many other cultural and entertainment events.

The island of Rab became one of the shiniest pearls of the Adriatic coast developing in one of the most popular tourist destinations,real oasis for turists known by it's friendly inhabitants.

The tytle of champion in the field of tourism he won several times and two of the many were "Plavi cvijet" ("Blue flower") and "Srebrni cvijet Europe" (Silver flower of Europe") as a special reward for cleanliness and settlement of the island,as well as the preservation of historical nucleus of the town witch is the monument of zero category.

Exceptional beauty of our tipical coastline with clean sea and many small islettes used as a secluded beaches characteristic for its diversity: rocky beaches,sandy beaches and gravel beaches.

All this is a reason for making an unforgetable holiday on this special island